Visualizations Galore & Crawler Improvements

We’ve been working hard on SiteCondor for the past couple weeks making several significant improvements. Here is a quick summary of the major updates.

Revamped Visualizations

Link Matrix – New!

This new visualization enables you to quickly see how the internal link juice gets distributed amongst interlinked pages. The Link Matrix categorizes all of your site’s pages by their top-level folder and summarizes the outgoing and incoming internal links in an extremely powerful and easy to consume way.

URL Structure

We have completely overhauled this visualization, making it easier to scale for larger sites and easier to extract insights from. It also loads much, much faster. In addition, we have also given you a couple controls over what gets visualized: by using the Max Levels and Max Children Per Node settings you can now choose how deep and wide you would like to visualize the site.

Site Map

Some of you have experienced sporadic timeouts or long load times for this visualization. We have sped this up significantly, usually rendering in under few seconds, even for very large jobs. As with the URL Structure visualization, we have also added Max Levels and Max Children Per Node settings to this visualization.

Crawler Upgrades

We have also made significant improvements to our crawler, enabling it to crawl even larger sites in a faster and more robust way. It just keeps getting better and better! (And we’re not stopping here either.)

Try Out the New Features!

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