New Site Graph Visualization, Start URL Option & 4X Crawler Speed Boost

Austin in August means excruciating heat. So we’ve been keeping cool inside our air-conditioned office, working hard on making SiteCondor even more useful. A special thanks to all the customers and prospects who’ve been providing us with feedback, you rock!

Site Graph

Our deepest look yet into your site’s linking structure

This new visualization makes it easy to navigate through your entire site to understand how your pages are interlinked. While the picture below looks cool, the Site Graph is a highly interactive visualization that you should try for yourself in order to fully appreciate. We’ll be posting a Site Graph video in the next couple days, keep an eye out for that.

Start URL

This new Job setting lets you set the crawl starting point


This can be used in many different ways:

  • When combined with the URL filter, you can limit your crawl to a specific area of your site
  • Create a Scheduled Job that checks on one particular page
  • Start your crawl from pages that are otherwise not discoverable (e.g., landing, private, unpublished pages)
  • Visualize site architecture starting from a specific URL (useful on big sites)

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Up to 4X crawl speed increase

SiteCondor can now crawl resource-dense sites up to 4X faster than before


Additional Improvements

  • Added default option to disregard jsessionid from URLs
  • Improved error reporting – removed duplicate 404/Redirect errors that were showing up in the Other Errors section
  • And several other tweaks to make SiteCondor more robust and easier to use

Go ahead and try it out!

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