Scheduled Jobs and Customizable Email Alerts

Since early on, many of you expressed the desire to have SiteCondor periodically audit your site according to a schedule, sending alerts via email if certain thresholds were met.

As of today you can schedule your SiteCondor jobs to run on a weekly or monthly basis. You can also configure your scheduled jobs send an email if certain conditions are met. For instance, you can set up a scheduled job to email you if there are more than X number of 404 pages.

It’s difficult to keep a website healthy as new content is added, technology and infrastructure evolves, and people move around. SiteCondor’s Job Scheduling helps you more consistently spot issues and uncover optimization opportunities.

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Scheduled Jobs

As shown in the screenshots below, once a job has been completed you can now create a Schedule, which will trigger the same job to run on a weekly or monthly basis.



Customizable Email Alerts

While Scheduling a Job you also have the option to configure email alerts. Switching the Send Email Alerts option to the On position lets you specify thresholds for six different conditions:

  • Number of 404 Errors
  • Other Errors
  • Missing Titles
  • Missing Image Alt
  • Missing Meta Descriptions
  • Missing Headings

SiteCondor will then send you an email alert if one or more threshold value(s) is met or exceeded upon a scheduled job completion. In addition to the email alert, you will also receive our usual job completion email.

We plan on adding more monitoring capabilities as we get more feedback. Keep it coming!


You can also look at all your Scheduled Jobs and when they are scheduled to run next, as well as cancel previously scheduled jobs.

Job Results Enhancements 

We have also improved our Job Results page. This page now has an overall job summary, enabling you to very quickly grasp the results and counts for each of the Explore sections as well as deep links to all the Explore & Visualize sections for quicker navigation. In addition, scheduled jobs will show any counts meeting or exceeding thresholds in red, and counts within acceptable ranges in green.


Go ahead and give SiteCondor’s new scheduling and revamped reporting interface a try and let us know what you think!

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