Recommendations, WP plugin 1.3.0, and better help

Howdy! It’s been a while since our last update so I wanted to write a quick post and summarize what we’ve been up to:


Some of our users are very web savvy, some are expert digital marketers, some are SEO geniuses, and some are unicorns. If you are one of them, you can probably skip to the next section :). If, however, you are one of our Do-It-Yourself or small entrepreneur fans, this section is for you. Enter SiteCondor Recommendations:

SiteCondor Recommendations

The new Recommendations feature provides you with a prioritized list of problems and optimization opportunities we recommend you review and fix or implement on the site, and is available for all new and past SiteCondor jobs (free accounts included).

In addition, the inline help section within the Recommendations screen can help you understand the nature of each error or optimization opportunity, why they are important, and how to fix them.

WordPress Plugin 1.3.0 released

Fresh from the oven, the new SiteCondor SEO WordPress Plugin version 1.3.0 also includes the Recommendations feature right within your WordPress admin panel:


Also since our last post on the plugin we’ve added the ability to choose which Reports datasets are included in the charts and significantly improved the plugin UI.

You can update your SiteCondor SEO WordPress plugin right from your WordPress admin panel, or you can also download it from the repository.

Better Help


In an effort to continue to improve SiteCondor’s ease of use, we have added detailed in-line help sections to every single screen. To access the help section just click on the Help link with the question sign icon next to it.

If you haven’t used SiteCondor in a while, we invite you to take a look at the new features. As usual, let us know of any feature requests you may have!


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