404 reporting improvements

Howdy! You may have noticed we recently improved our Resources / 404 section report:

Sitecondor 404 Reporting  Improvements

Here’s a quick summary of the main improvements:

  • Similarly to other reports, the section is now sorted by decreasing count so you can concentrate on fixing most frequently found 404s first.
  • Also like some of the other reports, we now limit the Found At list to a maximum of 100 results, making the interface snappy and easy to navigate for sites with the same 404s found on a large number of pages. As usual, the CSV report exports the full list.
  • When a redirect results in a 404, we now include it in the Found At list as well (you can still use the Redirects and Internal Links sections and their search function for further information).
  • We fixed a small bug that was sometimes causing the Found At list not to display properly.

We hope you’ll find this update useful. Have a question or feature request? Let us know!

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